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Annigan Glossery

Adad Sunal–EEtah war collage belonging to House Bran. Its specialty is conducting internal security for House Bran.

Aiken–Semi-sentient clouds sent out across the Annigan by the Ghas-Tor. When placed against the backdrop of a blue sky they appear to be glowing blue clouds, all but indistinguishable from other clouds. They are remote viewing devices and record everything they experience, both on the ground and in the air across the Annigan. Aiken immediately send the visuals back to the mountain which is the epicenter of air magic, however recent images remain in its limited memory. Avions and anyone possessing psychic abilities can access their recent memory by flying through them and communing.

Akina–Humanoid fox creatures native to the Barrens in the Twilight Lands. They’re sly and excellent thieves.

Amarenian–Female human race formerly noted for their hatred and slavery of men and piracy.

Angona–Roasted eel on a stick. Sold from vendors' carts all over the City of Immor-Onn.

Aquamarine–Pale blue Etheria crystal which reveals things true nature.

Ara-Fel Party–Political party of Amarenian farmers.

Arapa Fish– This large (4-12 ft) fish native to the back waters & tributaries of the Otoman River is torpedo shaped with large blackish-green scales and red markings. It is streamlined and sleek, with its dorsal and anal fin set near its tail.
Unlike other fish it has a fundamental dependence on surface air to breathe. In addition to gills, it has a modified and enlarged swim bladder composed of lung-like tissue, which enables it to extract oxygen from the air. It's tough scaly skin is especially coveted among the Dreeat as armor.
The scales by themselves are so abrasive they are sold as nails.

Ash-Ta–Avion derogatory term (winged monster) for the humanoid bats which inhabit the rocky crags in widespread colonies stretching across of The Spine of the World.

There have been six distinctive tribes noted by Avion scholars in the Ash' Ta Garia; the Molossi, Acero, Chiro, Ptero, Diaemus and Desmodus. Ash-Ta are allies with the Tiikeri and share an enemy in the Do-Tarr.

Astute–Amarenian title for high level politician.

Aur-Quaz–Iridescent Etheria crystal stimulating energy.

Available Regions–Uninhabited areas of Immor-Onn waiting for the residence displaced by the recent Black Pearl Revolution to return and inhabit.

Avion–These proud sentients are the rulers of Lumina’s sky. Incredibly beautiful and graceful to behold and unabashedly elitist, especially towards their distant cousins the humans. Avions refuse to wear any sort of armor and yet these fierce fighters have led the way in almost every major war fought. They are skilled Kel handlers, tending to huge herds of the flying lizards used as beasts of burden or harvested for food. Their scholars have contributed a great deal to the knowledge of everyone on Lumina. The four Great Houses occupy the air space and mountain tops of the Goyan Islands.

Avion Great Houses:

House Azar - Avion House inhabiting the City of Mitar, on the Island of Dal, in the Tellasian chain, ruled by Queen Averin. Their territories include the skies over the Tellasian Chain, Otomoria, Zer-Tal Twins, and the Zerk Atoll. They are known for their healing Clerics of Neami and their beautiful music.

House Eacher - Avion House inhabiting the Island of Wou, City of Picon & surrounding airspace. Ruled by King Sindil.

House Solas–Smallest and weakest of all the Avion houses. They inhabit the city of Adean on the island of  Temil in the Outer Zerians and control the surrounding airspace.

House Pyre - Eldest, largest, and most powerful of all the Avion Houses. They inhabit the skies above the Island of Goya. Their magnificent city stronghold of Darmont Keep sits on the north face of Mt. Goya. Unlike the other Avion Houses who utilize air magic, they are the masters of Fire Magic drawing their power from the constantly erupting volcano.

Azurite–Purple Etheria crystal which connects to the Middle realms.

Bailian–Predominate race of the western Twilight Lands. Descended from the Piceans they are a beautiful humanoid race with pale blue skin and large eyes.

Banja–Amarenian noble families. There are seventy-seven of them, eleven for each of the various seven provinces called Dors. There is a strict pecking order within each Dor and each Banja is always trying to elevate its status.

Banok Atoll–Island ring in the Southeastern Ocean of Lumina. It is the location of one of the largest permanent Flavian Portal. Its ripples extend out hundreds of miles and affects the entire southeastern Deep Ocean of Lumina.

Banok Run–Final test for admittance to the elite Brightstar Sailors. It comprises making a tight circle around the turbulent seas around the Banok Atoll without being pulled into the giant Flavian Portal there.

Bespoke Names–In the Goyan Islands these are personalized family names indicating wealth and status which can only be bestowed by a governor or higher. 

Black Mural–Magical record of the Annigan in the Rod-Ema Trench in the Deep Oceans of Nocturn. It records each act of imbalance on the planet from large to small. When one side grows too powerful, it grows so large it plunges into the planet's core killing all life, allowing it to start anew.

Black Talon–Special forces of the Aramos Army, the Forsvara Guard.

Boustian Mage–Bards who perform magic by singing, playing music and storytelling, predominantly found in the larger cities of the Goyodan Chain of islands.

Brightstar–Elite sailors of House Calden  qualified to sail the Deep Oceans and the storm-tossed waters of the twilight areas of the world. They require all captains in the Calden Navy to be Brightstar qualified. Brightstar only allows acceptance to their ranks upon completion of a circling run around one of the two massive Flavian portals, the Innaca Deep or the Banok Atoll. Once inducted they are qualified to wear the coveted star over swan pin.

Brom–Horse size dragonflies which inhabit the steep southern foothills of the Amarenian Mountains.

Brom Riders–Amarenians who catch, train, breed, and ride Broms.

Calcite–Clear Etheria crystal with aids in navigation.

Caldani–Privateers hired by human House Calden to patrol their waters.

Calden Intelligencer Service–Elite spy, protection, and secret police for House Calden. They draw almost all from the Calden Maritime Legion.

Calden Maritime Legion–Marines for House Calden

Calisma–The main library in the University of Marassa, Zor.

Cali–Branch libraries and scriptoriums in the five human capital cities in the Goyodan Island Chain.

Carbana–Chewing tobacco rolled into a tight tube.

Celot–Amarenian term for a priestess.

Cevot–Large sentient spider creatures that inhabit the Os-Oni Mountains of the Twilight Lands, known for their silk.

Cluster– Name for the grouping of 10 cycles. The Annigan's version of a week.

Cobalcite–Deep pink Etheria crystal used for healing.

Common–Short for the Common Tongue, a spoken only language used mostly by humans and those that do business with them.

Corporal Reach -The–Otherwise known as the prime material plain of the middle realms. It is the Annigan resides.

Cub Prince–Heir to the throne of the Tiikeri Empire. All Tiikeri kings are a rare black tiger. Once a generation the king must breed an heir. All the prominent Tiikeri families offer their most eligible daughters to breed with the king. Only one will conceive a black tiger. All other cubs produced from this union are killed. The complete family that bore the cub prince are then moved into the palace and are also considered nobility. The Cub Prince is immediately groomed for the throne. When he comes of age, he must kill his father then take the throne.

Cul-Ta–Humanoid rat creatures found in almost every City in Lumina.

Cycle–Time period equivalent to a day.

Dag–Amarenian term for a common slave. A derogatory slang word for a male.

Darek Witch–Amarenian earth shamans acting as midwives and perform other shamanistic duties.

Darian Silk–High quality silk spun by the Cevot Spiders. They trade it to the On’Dara.

Darwan–This race is a cross between the Balians and the Fudomi. They are the most prolific humanoid native to the Barrens. Their villages are situated around Ghorn temples and must pay a tribute to the Onay horde of its region. Villages close to the borders of the hordes are always under threat. These creatures raise a herd animal called the Ng’Ombe which is the major food staple in the Barrens.

Deci–Time unit equivalent to one hour.

Diamond–Clear Etheria crystal which transfers power.

Diplomat Stone–Slang name for the Etheria Crystal, Larimar. It allows translation of all languages and to communicate from a distance. They are issued to diplomats serving in foreign lands.

Doggin– Derogatory term used for slave dock workers in the city of Aris.

Dor–Title of the seven various provinces in Amarenia. Taia-Dor, Denat-Dor, Mivira-Dor, Amoso-Dor, Kinning-Dor, Rackam-Dor, Durik-Dor.

Do-Tarr–Sentient mantis hive mind creatures from the Land of Mists in Nocturn. They comprise two large hives in the north and south with precise tunnel networks beneath the ground. They are expert builders and are neutral in all forms of politics.

Dreamer in the Lake–Demi-God of the Os’Tor Forest and a Harbinger of Balance. She rests at the bottom of a large lake encased in mud and manifests herself on the lake's surface as a multicolored lotus. Her accolades are sentients from every race who sleep around the lake's shore. They send their ethereal bodies out into people’s dreams and guide them.

Dreeat– Humanoid crocodile people who inhabit the area at the end of the western fork of the Otoman River in Otomoria. They grow sugar cane and make healing candies from it. They also harvest a meaty river fish as a major part od their diet. For thousands of grands, ever since their arrival humans have been attempting to eradicate them.

Dronning Mare–Female horse chosen to breed with the On’Dara chief.

EEtah–Large, powerful and aggressive sentient humanoid sharks. These are the professional warriors of Lumina trained in martial schools known as Sunals. After their egg birth in the hatcheries and their first year in the nursery they are sorted to one of the various Sunals of their House. Females enter House Nur and the males go through a highly competitive Sunal scouting, recruiting process with the nursery’s called The Garess. Sunals then hire out bodyguards, sentries, mercenaries and virtually anything martial. This along with weapon manufacturing and sales is the main revenue stream for the great houses.

EEtah Great Houses:

House Nur–This Noble house is female only. Co-ruled secular Queen Mother and spiritual High Priestess.

Temple of Drulain headquartered in the High Holy City of Zor.

Specialty: Scribes, Clerics, Healers, Politics, Domestics.

House Crom–Three Sunals in the Tellasian Chain.

Sedar Sunal on Roe Island. Specialty: Bodyguard.

Boril Sunal on Uma Island. Specialty: Crom Internal Security.

Zorod Sunal on Tel Island. Specialty: Castle and Town Defense.

House Bran–Four Sunals in the Goyodian Chain.

Garf Sunal on Quell Island. Specialty: Long term inland duty.

Tukk Sunal on Mobis Island. Specialty: Shipboard Security.

Adad Sunal on Creos Island. Specialty: Bran Internal Security.

Farak Sunal on Roust Island. Specialty: Bounty Hunter, Vengeance.

House Zed–Three Sunals in the Wouvian Islands.

Dakor Sunal on Owling Island. Specialty: Shock Troops.

Jut Sunal on Tor Island. Specialty: Zed Internal Security.

Morrak Sunal on Billow Island. Specialty: Police, Executioners.

Esteemed–Amarenian title for Ambassador.

Etheria Crystal–Crystals that contain magical properties. Mostly found in the form of trees in the Barrens of the Twilight Lands. They harvest and process the crystals in the oases of the Dark Waste Desert. They are the primary form of magic in Nocturn.

Flavian Portals–Portals through space to which different points in the Annigan accessible seemingly instantaneously. Each portal is different. There are several large fixed portals on both Lumina and Nocturn and hundreds of smaller dedicated Flavians.

Certain animals, intoxicants and magical items can open smaller portals. Every Flavian Portal connects to its destination by passing through the inter-dimensional Middle Realms.

Frozen Sea–This vast expanse of open ice flows covers the vast majority of Nocturn and is the largest centrally occupied area in all of Annigan. The ice ranges from a slushy mixture with icebergs near the land masses to several hundred feet thick in the eastern areas.

Forsvara Guards–This is the rank-and-file foot soldier army of House Aramos.

Fudomi–Sentient humanoid ram creatures that inhabit the western Os-Oni Mountains of the Twilight Lands. They are constantly at odds with the Cevot Spider broods. They steal and sell the spiders silk and their eggs, which are considered a delicacy.

Galeb–Sea Gulls with a psychic connection to a handler. They are used to transporting messages across Lumina.

Garf Sunal–EEtah War college belonging to House Bran. Their specialty is long term inland duty.

Gar-Kal–Fish head humanoids living on the ocean floor of Nocturn. They are of low intelligence and aggressive.

Ghas-Tor–This is the tallest peak on the Annigan. It reaches upward 32,000 feet in the Os’Ani Mountain range, Twilight Lands. It is more than a mountain, it is a sentient being and the epicenter for Air Magic in the world.

Ghorn–Necromancers of the Barrens in Twilight Lands.

Ghost Suit–A grey, skintight jump suit used mostly by Valdurian forces to blend into the Kan fog.

Ghosts of the Kan–Mariners term for Rayth raiders. This is because of the ghost white chalk which covers their bodies and acts as camouflage when they attack during the Kan fog.

Gila–These are the main sentient race populating the Dark Waste. Their original stock comprised Bailian pilgrims and a now long-gone sentient lizard native to the region. They are an advanced race which occupies the three large oasis of the desert.

Golden One, The–Otick term for the Golden Avatar.

Goy-Ardia–Goyan fire mages trained at the University of Marassa.

Grand–Short for Grand Cycle. Time period equivalent to a year.

Grass Eater–Singa insult 

Gustare'–Amarenian bath house and tavern.

Hand of the Wind–Assassins guild of Annigan. All members worship Orad, goddess of death. Upper levels are clerics of Orad.

Hakim–A judge in the High Holy City of Zor.

Harbinger of Balance–Sentient creatures of all types who have given themselves to monitoring the balance of the Annigan and giving warning when something is about to upset the balance.

Hasteen–City of the Dreeat crocodile people.

Hill Sister–Hermaphroditic Amarenian warriors who inhabit the northern foothills of the Amaren Mountains. Even though they possess both male and female sex organs, they cannot procreate. Amarenian nobility use them as seneschal/bodyguards partly because they can have sex with them and not violate their ‘no man’ pledge.

Howlite–Grey Etheria Crystal used for glamour, disguise and polymorphing.

Humans–The human race is descended from the Avion race. In 5070 PA rebellious Avions which had joined Xandar the Mad doomed Great Kraken Incursion had their wings severed as punishment before they were banished and scattered to the Goyodan Chain. One hundred seventy one years later the 7th Avatar Sang “The Song of Rebirth” and they evolved into a separate race. They formed their Great Houses and spread out across the Goyan Island Chain and eventually beyond The Shallow Sea.

Human Great Houses:

House Aramos–This is the largest and wealthiest of the great human families directly descended from the First Men. The Capital city of Aris is on the Island of Vakai in The Goyodan Chain of Islands in the Northern Shallow Sea.  They control the banking and finance in Lumina and are constantly hatching Machiavellian plots to expand their power over the other houses.

House Calden–This great house controls the seas with the largest military and commercial fleets. Their Capital Cty of Nader is on the Island of Tarla in the Goyodan Chain, but they command the island chain of the Zerk Atoll where their sailors are trained.

House Eldor–This great house control virtually all the agricultural islands of the eastern Goyan Islands. Their Capital City of Rophan is on the Island of Tolle in the Goyodan Chain of Islands in the Northern Shallow Sea.

House Valdur–This house is known for their incestuous practices to keep the family bloodline pure. Their capital city of Dryden is on the Island of Atar in The Goyodan Chain of Islands in the Northern Shallow Sea. They were all but destroyed in a surprise invasion by House Eldor called the Unification War. It was only through the discovery of lighter than air travel that their home island was spared by a fleet of war balloons. The rest of their agricultural lands were lost to Eldor. Their entire culture revolves around them now being a powerful Air guild, The Valdurian Air Service.

House Whitmar–This family runs the organized and sanctioned slave trade on Lumina from the city of Nier on the northern Goya coast.  Their Capital City of Brinstan on the Island of Umin in the Goyodan Chain of Islands in the Northern Shallow Sea.

Immor-Onn–Large city on the western coast of the Twilight Lands. Home of the Bailian Empire.

Idonian Philosophy–Avion belief that humans are a scourge on the Annigan and should be wiped out. It is the driving belief of the Idonian Cabal of Avion House Pyre and Solas.

Innaca Deep–Giant whirlpool in the Northwestern Ocean of Lumina. It is the location of one of the largest Flavian Portal. Its ripples extend out hundreds of miles.

Innaca Run–Final test for admittance to the elite Brightstar Sailors. It comprises making a tight circle around the turbulent seas around the Banok Atoll without being pulled into the giant Flavian Portal there.

Ironmark–Brutal enforcers of the Quartermasters in the Goyan Islands of Lumina. Each island chain has their own Ironmark, which specializes in a specific form of torture.

Itori–Shamans found throughout the agricultural western Goyan Islands to control mostly locust. They can control any insect and are immune to all insect poisons and stings.

Jangwa–These are elite desert commandos used by the two civilized oases in the Dark Waste Desert to defend the outer parameter of the oasis. They choose Jangwa from the ranks of the Oasis Guards, which show promise. Capable of traveling under the sand and rapidly over the surface of the desert, they make frequent scouting missions to the untamed Qua-Raman oasis and the Buried City of Nof-Saloom.

Kaefom–Amarenian breeding ritual overseen by the Darek Witches.

Kan–Period of the day in the Goyan Islands when the thick sea fog rises. They mostly use it for sleep. It is an effect caused by geothermal activities only found in the Goyan Islands and Shallow Sea.

Kel–Flying lizards bred and tended by Avions for food and as beasts of burden.

Kharry Institute–Tiikeri medical facility in Hai-Darr specializing in the crossbreeding of Mawl races to produce Mongrels for specific duties. It is run by the brilliant and ruthless Dr. Met-Ge. The Institute is responsible for the Cheepas &. Ves-Lari.

Kinjuto Dominator–Sex mage using BDSM techniques.

Konaleeta–Called the Island of the Lost. The entire island is caught in a permanent Flavian Loop. It bounces around from location to location across any of the planes of the Middle Realms, never staying in anyone place too long.

Kusars–Mawl bandits of the Dasos region in the Land of Mists.

Ky-Awat–Sentient rat creatures of the Dark Waste Desert. They have bred them up from the Cul-Ta and are larger and more aggressive, but no smarter. Various factions use them as cannon fodder. They breed quickly and are plentiful, especially around the three main oases.

Land of Mists–This is the largest land mass in Nocturn. It is so named because the combination of cold temperatures in the air combined with the warmth of the ground results in a uniform constant low hanging fog over the entire continent.

Three distinct landscapes cover the surface of the land, separated by the Kel-Raku Mountain range and dimly illuminated by bioluminescence, outcroppings of Etheria crystals and the moon and stars.

The thick rainforest of Arboro lies to the north, and the vast savannah of Rovina runs to the south. They’re connected by the Bor-Kaa Pass. The dense jungles and swamps of Dasos lie to the east.

Landagar Group–Research and development division of the Valdurian Air Service. It is in the balloon city of Landagar situated high in the mountains of the Valdurian home island of Atar.

Larimar–Etheria crystal used for communication. It is milky white with blue striations. When in proximity of the gem all parties hear what the other is saying in their head.

Lor-Danta Oasis–The eastern most and sparsely populated major oasis in the Dark Waste Desert. The large obsidian field stretching from its shore contains six Tanum Charts of the skies used by the Arron-Nin Astrologers who dwell there.

Lumina–Half of the world in constant sunlight.

Luna–Term used for the lunar cycle by every culture in the Annigan except the humans in the Goyan Islands who cannot see the moon.

Luroh–Bolo/sash weapon used by the city guards of Mostas the Mahilia. The sash contains the person's rank and record. At either end are two metal balls which when twirled become an effective weapon.

Magitech–The fusion of magic and technology. This mostly refers to the use of Etheria Crystals and specific mechanical items. I.e.. Airship engines.

Mahilia–Amarenian Capital City of Mostar city guards.

Makari–Inter-dimensional race of sentient spiders from the Pasture Plain of the Middle Realms. They seeded the Cevot race in the Os'Tor Mountains in the Land of Mists.

The males resemble hairy wolf spiders, the females resemble black widows.

The females are always alluring to any male of any race. She will then feel the compulsion to kill them after sex.

Malachite–Light green Etheria crystal, which absorbs energy.

Marassa–Professor at the University of Marassa in Zor.

Masha–Amarenian for master.

Maudo Grass–Tall grass with a bright blue flowering tuft growing in the Land of Mists. The flowers are a favorite intoxicant for Mawls and especially coveted by the Tiikeri.

Mawl–Overall name for the humanoid cat races of the Land of Mists. It is also the term used for the common language they share.

Medikua–Medical officer aboard Calden naval vessels.

Middle Realms–Constantly shifting inter-dimensional plane between worlds. Sometimes referred to as the Fairy or dream realms.

Mongrel–These are the product of cross breeding between the Mawl races. Pure breeds mostly shun them. The Tiikeri use them for slave labor. They can be found all over the Land of Mists.

Moonfall–Period of the cycle when Nocturn’s main illuminating body the moon, dips below the horizon issuing in the Moonless

Moonless–Period of the cycle when Nocturn’s main illuminating body the moon, orbits around to the Lumina side of the Annigan (night).

Mora–Term used for teacher or master in the Whovian Sword Schools of Rohina Takki.

Morasian Puff Boy–Male prostitute from the port City of Moras on Goya's west coast. Known for their distinctly feminine demeanor.

Mostas–Capital City of the Amarenian Empire on the western shore of Amarenia.

Najuka–Amarenian emasculation ritual performed on all males except those used for breeding purposes in the Kaefom Ritual.

Na-Kab–One of the three insectoid groups that live below the Land of Mists. They occupy the eastern most hive closest to Mount Natal and have a fire make-up under their exoskeleton. Their tail has a penis shaped stinger that can impregnate anything anyplace they sting.

Nocturn–Half the world in constant night

Nolton Boat–Ships made of Ukko wood in a secret shipyard on the island of Zer and mostly used by Brightstar sailors. They hover less than an inch above the water. Their rudder is also Ukko, so it guides and propels. The specific construction of the hull makes the boat unsinkable.

Nurian Edicts–EEtah rules of conduct set down by House Nur which are the basis for all Sunal laws. The various Sunals can and do add their own individual laws to this baseline for all Sunals.

Noma–Poison from the Noma Viper.

Nyanja–Large seahorses ridden as sea cavalry by the Calden Navy.

Obsidian–Black Etheria crystal which holds psychic energy.

Ol'daEE–Person able to cast spells while having sex under the influence of Oldust.

Oldust–Hallucinogenic powder derived from the spores of the rare Impia Mushroom. It increases magical abilities and can allow travel to the Middle Realms.

Onay–Humanoid wolf men of the Barrens. They band together their various packs in three distinct hordes.

On' Dara–Sentient horse creatures living on the Plains of Taka-Vir in the south eastern Twilight Lands. They raise and train horses, which they sell to the rest of the Annigan. They also trade for silk with the Cevot Spiders.

ooD–Shell worn on the back of the male Otick warriors as armor. They mark the warrior's rank and house on the outside of the shell and inscribe the inside with a record of their deeds. They place the ooD over the entrance to their home, which is a hole in the sand.

Oracle of the River–Demi-God who dwells in the cypress swamp at the end of the western fork of the Otoman River. It appears as a giant catfish partially submerged. Its many whiskers are sunken into the water. Through them it perceives anything that happens in, on or around the waterway. It has been around for thousands of grands,

Orad–Air goddess of death and predominate deity of the assassin’s guild, the Hand of the Wind.

Orad Dex–Initiates to the Orad priesthood. Street/entry level assassins.

Orad Con–(Taker of the divine wind) These are full priests of Orad. Their special skills are the kiss of death, the poison breath, and the Phantom Dagger.

Orad Sto–(Giver of the Divine Wind) High priests of Orad who can also restore life.

Otick–Humanoid crab people that inhabit the Shallow Sea. These are the first sentient creatures to rise from the ocean floor and are a proud, deeply spiritual and noble race. Goya’s volcanic warmed waters provide home to the Otick’s prolific oyster beds littering the floor of The Shallow Sea. From these beds arose the five great Pearl Avatars, creation gods whose songs brought life and sentience to Lumina. Otick society is organized into a highly structured caste system, Worker Class, Warrior Class and Mother Class. Otick society is organized in two main categories domestic and military. The three Otick Great Houses are known as the Shelled Triad. Each house tends their own oyster beds and competes for the birth place of the next Avatar.

Otick Great Houses:

House Awa–Home of the last two avatars. Located in the Tellasian Chain, in the capital city of Hidet on the Island of Zod. Mother Class specialization.

House Pewa–Located in the Goyodan Chain, in the capital city of Oniack, on the Island of Zak. Worker Class specialization.

House Sensu–Located in the Otoman Group, in the capital city of Sunico, on the Island of Lakia. Warrior Class specialization.

Otomoria–Large Island continent in the western Goyan Islands. One of the main grain producing agricultural islands.

Outer Clan EEtah–Shark creatures smaller in stature than regular EEtahs cast out from the three great EEtah Houses from the hatchery. The ones that survive banded together into loose clans. the contract themselves out as deck hands and lately have been volunteering in the Valdurian Marines.

Padi–Regional demi-god of water worshiped in and around the High Holy City of Zor, associated with the peace and calming effect of water and represented by a calm pond.

Palu EEtah–Rare hammerhead EEtahs. They are as big as outer clan EEtah but extremely intelligent. They tend to be reclusive loners.

Pappia–Members of the child street gangs of the Hidden City of Toriss. They live in the slum section of the city called The Narrows.

Pa-Waga–Lawful evil god of greed worshiped mostly by the Tiikeri. Its clerics practice binary blood rune magic comprising “X” and “I.”

Peace Babies–Children born of a union between any of the five major human houses.

Piceans–Humanoid fish people of Lumina. They have the capability of breathing above and below the water and are impervious to the ocean’s depths. Their gill flaps are large enough to fold over their ears. When the sound waves of the voice pass through the membrane, it translates it. This makes them valuable translators in all seaports of the Goyan Islands.

Piety Watch– Militant, religious police faction of the Pa-Waga church. They roam the city arresting anyone who is caught begging, idle, or not being productive. Minor offences are punished by beating with thin cane rods. They wear black capes with high pointed collars that resemble cat ears and red shirts.

Pisar–Bailian title for a professor.

Pomaku–Humanoid leopard people (Mawl) native to the Arboro region in the Land of Mists, Nocturn.

Protocol 13– Code phrase used by EEtah House Nur requesting a meeting between an intelligence asset and their Handler.

Qua-Raman Oasis–Oasis in the central Dark Waste Desert. Because its location is just south of the Tur-Qua Pass, it is a major trading post with the gems harvested in the Barrens to the north.

Quartermaster–Collector of taxes and tariffs in the Goyan Islands. They use the Ironmark for enforcing their rule.

Quinte–Time period equivalent to a month.

Ramu–This gambling dismemberment game has been banned throughout the entire Goyan Islands. The Free City of Tannimore is the only place that permits it.

Rayth–Pirate faction of the Amarenian people in open revolt and attempting to form their own nation.

Rod-Ema Trench–Massive abysmal fissure running the equator in the western ocean floor in Nocturn. At its head is the Agar Goyot. On its north wall dipping into the depths is the Black Mural.

Rohina Takii–Sword school originating on the island of Wou. Its distinctive characteristic is the strike while drawing technique.

Salar Winds–The turbulent winds surrounding the peak of Mount Goya which must be navigated to enter the Avion City of Darmont on the mountain's northwestern face. Avion term of exasperation, “By the mighty winds of Salar!”

Secor–Street name for the Imperial Gold Ingot equivalent to ten struck gold coins.

Si–The term for Mr. in the Common Tongue spoken in the Goyan Islands.

Sikari–Female Singa hunter/killer squads. They travel in groups of two or more. They have crossed bandoleros on their chests filled with sickle shaped throwing knives.

Silent Partner–Organized crime families in the Goyan islands. There are seven cabals, each organized by local.

Simikort–Round engraved coin which acts as an Amarenian noble's calling card.

Singa–Humanoid lion people (Mawl) that inhabit the southern Rovina area of the land of Mists.

Skirting the Upwinds–Dangerous maneuver practiced by only a few airship pilots. It involves taking your airship up to the edge of the atmosphere, then down to your destination. Allowing long distance travel in a short period.

Society of   Whispers–Term used for the general intelligence communities of the five human Noble Houses.

Spice Rat–Smugglers that operate mostly in the Spice Islands chains (Zerian Reef Chain and Outer Zerians) and occasionally in the entire western side of the Goyan Islands.

Strasta–Ancient prophet in the folklore of the Cevot spider people of the Os-Ani Mountains.

Sunal–EEtah war college specializing in a martial skill.

Szoldos mercenaries–One of several small private armies for hire on the Goyan continent.

Taking it Upstairs–Airship pilot slang for Skirting the Upwinds

Tanum Charts–Six maps of Nocturn’s night sky. The Arron-Nin Astrologers use them for divination and sometimes the opening of Flavian Portals.

Tiikeri–Sentient Tiger creatures of the Dasos region in the eastern Land of Mists.

Tisina, Code of,–Mobster code of silence in the city of Zor. Because no organized crime is allowed the various independent criminals have adopted a complete ‘no cooperation rule with the city guards. The smallest violation is punishable by death.

Trinilic–Orange Etheria crystal, which connects with fire magic.

Turine–Tidal clocks used in the Goyan Islands.

Ukkonite–Bronze Etheria crystal with natural repellant properties. It is the crystal equivalent to Ukko wood found only in Nocturn.

Ukko wood–Magical wood from the world tree harvested only on the island of Zer in the eastern Goyan Islands. It has natural repellant properties. This makes it perfect for shields. They also use it as currency and to make Brightstar Nolton Boats.

Ulana–Chaotic Evil goddess of the sea worshiped by a small sect of Amarenian Rayth in the province of Durik-Dor

Vedette–Small fast Nolton Boats crewed by a single ex-Brightstar sailor. They use them for fast, anonymous travel around the oceans of Lumina.

Veros Pearls–Highest quality pearl cultivated in the sacred Otick oyster beds. They can hold a magical charge.

Ves-Lari–Mawl mongrels bred by the Tiikeri for rowing and poling. They are a combination of Pomaku (leopard) and Duma (Cheetah). Crews can pole or row for hundreds of miles at a time without stopping. They keep crews together to promote unity but switch them out after long trips for rest.

Virago–Amarenian title for a female warlord.

Wraith–Deep cover agents for House Aramos. They are drawn from the elite Black Talons unit.

Yagur–Humanoid jaguars (Mawl) from the Arboro region of the Land of Mists. They are seers, healers and shamans, and serve all the various Mawl races.

Yudon–Harpoon and standard weapon of every Sunal EEtah. They rifle the shaft for accuracy in throwing.

Yupik–Also called Ice Clans, these are one hundred and sixty five humanoid clans of Eskimo like people. They divide into 3 major groups. The nomadic wanderers of the western flows always in competition for food and resources. They are constantly being harassed from the Ash-Ta as prey.

The largest group inhabits the vast eastern flows and has semi-permanent settlements all surrounding the Ice City of Mos-Agar’.

Zadim–Lapidaries which operate in the three large oasis of the Dark Waste Desert.

Zerian Rangers–Woodsmen fighters who belong to any of nine different clans which occupy the forests of the Island continent of Zer in the Goyan Islands.

Zorian Monetary Council–Founded in 3850 P.A. this Ruling body controls all banking, coordinating with the Calden Commodities exchange to regulate the exchange of money, goods and services as well as the Quartermasters Guild with the collection of taxes and tariffs. It is located in the High Holy City of Zor.

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