Annigan Atlas


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Lumina basks in perpetual sunlight . Humans dwell alongside many other sentient races thriving across its various continents and island chains. The fertility enriching rays of the sun, and the warmth of the Shallow Sea, support a vibrant and rich ecosystem.

Goyodian Chain


This island chain is the birth place of man.

All four human houses still maintain their ancestral capitals here even though official business is conducted in the city of Zor on the Goyan continent.

House Aramos in the city of Aris on Vakai.

House Eldor in the city of Rophan on Tolle island.

House Valdur in the city of Dryden on Atar island.

House Whitmar Brinstan on the Island of Umin.



This continent is controlled by three of the great human houses.

House Eldor controls the upper portion except for the area around the city of Nier where House Whitmar runs their slave markets.

House Aramos controls the rest with the exception of the Hig Holy City of Zor which is neutral ground where all sentient races can conduct political business.

The capital for Avion House Pyre, Darmont, is located high on Mount Goya's northwest face.



This island continent is one of the largest in the eastern agricultural islands.

The capital for Avion House Eacher, Picon, is located in the central mountain range.



This island continent is one of the largest in the wester agricultural islands.

It is controlled by House Eldor.

Wouvian Islands


Agricultural Island chain in the eastern Goyan Islands. Comprised of 6 islands it's capital, on the island of Wou-Late' is Dantia. The EEtah Zed Forge is between the islands of Billow & Bruu.

It is controlled by House Eldor.

Otoman Group


THis island chain is part of the eastern agricultural islands.

It is controlled by House Eldor.



This large island continent is part of the eastern agricultural islands.

It is controlled by House Eldor.

Tellasian Chain


This group of 15 islands is considered the southern most of the western spice islands.

It is controlled mostly bu House Aramos with the exception of Tewa who is controlled by House Eldor.

Zer Tal Twins


These two large islands are part of the western spice islands.

The lakes on Zer-Tal are the only bodies of salt water in the Annigan. There are several salt plantations.

The pass between the islands is only a few feet deep.

It is controlled by House Aramos.



This large island is home to the enchanted Forest of Zer. It is the sole location Ukko Wood is harvested.

When first discovered both House Aramos & Calden claimed it but neither could hold it. The forest grows too quickly for any settlement to be built.

It is controlled by the semi-nomadic Zerian Ranger clans, It is also home to Lardia the World Tree. By treaty House Calden is allowed to operate small shipyards around the coast.

Zerian Reef Chain


This chain in the eastrn spice islands runs to the east of the Zerian reef. It is controlled by House Calden.

Scoth sland is claimed by both House Calden & Aramos. Both houses employ privateers to ensure the other house doesn't settle there making it a virtual no mans land.


Outer Zerians

This chain in the eastrn spice islands runs to the west of the Zerian reef. It is controlled by House Aramos.

Scoth sland is claimed by both House Calden & Aramos. Both houses employ privateers to ensure the other house doesn't settle there making it a virtual no mans land.



This continent in the eastern deep ocean is home to the female Amarenian people.

Originally known for their piracy and man hating they have since made peace with the human houses of the Goyan Islands.

Their capital is Mostas.


Twilight Lands

This continent straddles both Lumina and Nocturn.

On the far western coast is the city of Immor-Onn home to the Bailian Empire. The Bailians loosly control the hamletts of the neighboring Os-Tor Forest.

The plains of Taka-Vir  are home to the On'Dara and their horse herds. The oasis'Dark Waste desert produces Etheria gems harvested from the crystal forests of The Barrens to the north.


Narrow Lands

This continent in the far western deep ocean is populated mostly by Yupik Ice clansmen who migrated from Nocturn's Frozen Sea by way of the Kusonga Ice Field.

All human settlements are controlled by House Calden only because their Brightstar sailors are the only ones skilled enough to sail the treacherous waters around it.


Ice Lands

This cold and forbidding island straddles Lumina at the top of the Annigan. The two Lumina settlements are controlled by House Calden. It is the only Nocturn lands not warmed by geothermal activity.

Wild Lands


This mysterious island straddles Lumina and nocturn at the b0ttom of the Annigan. It is home to the race of humanoid bears called Ursas. There is no human habitation.

Some trading is done with house Calden at the caves on Atwar point



Nocturn, languishes in constant darkness . Only moonlight, starlight and bioluminescence illuminates the land of endless night. Without the warming rays of the sun, Nocturn’s oceans froze over, but constant geothermal activity heats the land masses, creating a temperate and misty terrain teeming with exotic and predatory sentient races


Land of Mists

This is the primary land mass in Nocturn. It derives its name from the constant waist to chest high fog caused by the meeting of geothermal activity and cold air. Like all of Nocturn t is illuminated by starlight, moonlight, bioluminescence and Etheria glow.

The land is populated by a series of humanoid cat peoples called Mawls.

Below the ground are the humanoid mantis creatures known as Do-Tarr.


Spine of the World

These jagged peaks cave filled peaks jutting from the frozen sea are home to the humanoid bat creatures known as Ash-Ta.

The red boxes denote the various clan territories.


Goyan Islands

Centrally located in Lumina this group of island chains and small continents are the home of man. The islands sit atop a wide volcanic rise which forms a shallow sea not more than 30 feet deep.

With the sun directly overhead a series of tidal clocks are used to tell time.

When the moon, which they can not see,  sets a thick fog called The Kan rises.

The humans share this space with humanoid sharks (EEtah), crabs (Otick) as well as a race of winged humans {Avions) from which spawned humanity.


Zerk Atoll

This island chain in the southwestern Goyan islands is considered part of the spice islands even though few spices are grown there. 

It is controlled by human house Calden and their dominate navy. It is also from here the elite Brightstar sailors begin their training.


The Frozen Sea

Without the warming rays of the sun the oceans of Nocturn are frozen over in some places more than fifty feet thick.

It is populated by tthe Yupik people. Short & stout with blue skin and oval they are a mutation of the Bailian race from the Twilight Lands. They are formed into 150 different clans. Most of the ice clans are semi-nomadic but some have built an ice city called Mos-Agar.

The grey areas around the various land masses represent the mile wide area where the warmth of the land has turned the sea into a slushy iceberg laden water.


Nocturn's Ocean Floor

THe ocean floor under Nocturn's Frozen sea is the home to the Chenakan people.

The Rod-Ema Trench contains The Black Mural along its walls. At its head is the AgarGoyot, giant columns of sentient Etheria Crystals that call themselves The Etherions. They use a race of fish head humanoids called Gar-Kals to do their bidding.


Lumina's Ocean Floor

The main feature of Luminas ocean floor is the massive Goyan Rise which the Shallow Sea & Goyan Islands.

The Arok Trench is home to the humanoid fish creatures called Piceans.

The Parvat Seamount is home to the various Mer-Clans. 

The south west seabed contains Mount Banok which rises to the surface forming the Banok Atoll. This undersea mountain is one of the two main Flavian Portals on Lumina.

In the north eastern sea bed is the other major Flavian Portal the Innaca Deep. It is so powerful it creates a giant whirlpool in the ocean above.