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R.W. Marcus

 Pulp Fantasy Noir Author

Aeriel View of New York

Who is R.W. Marcus?

R.W. Marcus spent most of his life selling books. Along the way he managed to become a Falconer, 2ndDan Black Belt inYoshukaiKarate, Freemason,Freelance Photographer, Ad Copywriter andWMNF RadioDisc Jockey. Marcus’radio commercials and freelance photography won numerous awards, including Best of Showsand Best of the Bay Addy Awardsfor work with Creative Keys and Laughing Bird Productions.R.W. Marcus was also Founder and Creative Director of United Game Masters, where he cowrote the UGM Universal Gaming System which he used to create and playtest a Role Playing Game based in the world of the Annigan Cycle.He formally held the title of Director of Incunabula at Griffon’s Medieval Manuscripts, where he penned his first nonfiction title, The Ship of Fools to 1500, which Amazon called “an authoritative guide to one of the most popular works of secular writing.”Now retired, he has created a new genre of fiction-Pulp Fantasy Noir-to exorcise the darker side of his good nature. He currently residesin Tallahassee,Florida.

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Agents of the Void

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The War in the Darkness rocked the Annigan to its core. Losing the Avatars may have doomed Lumina’s future. Conquering empires rise out of Nocturn staking their claim in this new world. Stryder Aramos strikes a sinister pact with a dying race and casts the shadows of Nocturn over the heart of Zor. A monstrous heist unseats the balance of power of the Noble Houses, threatening to collapse their entire economy. An insidious dark god claws its way into Lumina and its malevolent faith ravages the delicate fabric of a world still unsure of its future. Mal and her crew must join forces with the Valdurian Air Service, travel across the multiverse and into the heart of the void to face their greatest threat. The outcome of the ensuing battle will change the very nature of good and evil in the Annigan.

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